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Mobile Truck Repair in Baltimore, MD

If you’re a professional truck driver and your truck breaks down, it can be an incredibly stressful experience. Most semi-trucks can carry hundreds of thousands (even millions) worth of goods and materials. To have that much cargo suddenly become inoperable could mean huge losses—but it could also mean a tremendous amount of lost time depending on the problem. Some repairs could take hours at a minimum, and you may not have the training or expertise to diagnose or make the necessary repairs on your own. Thankfully, you can call a mobile roadside repair service to help. If you are in the Maryland area and you need roadside assistance, contact A1 Emergency Roadside Service. We offer 24/7 on-site repair service and bring all the parts and diagnostic tools needed to keep you on the road.

What is Mobile Truck Repair?

Mobile truck repair is essentially a mobile mechanic service where we bring the tools, equipment, and knowledge to the roadside instead of towing your vehicle to the shop and working on it there. Roadside repair is beneficial for various reasons. Sometimes, trucks are too big or heavy to tow. In other cases, some of their parts are so specialized that they can only be repaired by experts in that particular field.

For example, if you were driving through Maryland on I-95 near Baltimore and had problems with your rear axles, a mobile truck repair company could come out and fix them right away rather than having to tow your truck all the way back home (which could cost thousands). This saves time and money for both parties involved!

Mobile Truck Repair

Our Mobile Truck Repair Services

Our mobile truck repair services include radiator replacements, turbo replacements, exhaust repairs, 24/7 parts availability, and more. Our professionals use state-of-the-art technology that makes getting roadside assistance a breeze and a world away from having to wait at a service station or weigh station to get help when there’s an issue with your truck. If you break down on the side of the road, give us a call and we will help you figure out the problem and fix it so you can be on your way.

Radiator Repair & Replacement


Depending on the extent of the issue with your radiator,  we can repair it or replace it right there on the roadside.

Turbo Replacement


If your truck’s turbocharger fails your engine could seize. If you notice a whining noise or any other cues, call us for a replacement.

Exhaust System Repair


If an exhaust system gets damaged, we can repair it before it negatively affects critical components of your truck. 

24/7 Part Availability

24/7 Parts Availability

You may have a breakdown out in an area where there are no auto parts stores around, we are available 24/7.

Steering System Repair

Steering System

The steering system is essential in a semi-truck, especially if it’s hauling heavy cargo. Call us if you feel like there is a problem.

Brake Repairs


Functional brakes are very important for trucks. If you need to tighten, adjust, or replace your brake system, we have you covered.

Body Repair

If you get in a bump up or notice there are dents, tears, scratches, or rust on the body of your truck, we can handle the repairs.


If you suffer a blowout, a flat tire, or you just need some tires, we sell new and used tires and we can put them on for you.

24/7 Mobile Truck Repair

It’s extremely important that your truck is in good working order at all times. Even though transportation companies try to keep their fleets well maintained, inclement weather, car accidents, and general wear and tear eventually take their toll on semi-trucks. In these situations, drivers find themselves stranded alongside busy roads with disabled vehicles that need immediate attention. There may not always be a service station or truck repair shop nearby. Being able to call a mobile truck repair company around the clock saves you time and keeps you from having to pay massive tow fees. A1 Emergency Roadside Service is the company to call if you ever break down in the Baltimore, MD area.

Why You Should Call A1 Emergency Roadside Service

In our 55 years of experience, we have become the most trusted company for roadside assistance in Baltimore, MD, and surrounding areas. As such, we have been voted the #1 roadside assistance company for customer service and reliability in Maryland. We have been in business since 1967 and still manage to maintain great relationships with our customers. With us, you know that your call is important. Our trucks are dispatched by experienced dispatchers who know how to make sure that service gets out there quickly. Wherever you’re going, or whatever cargo you’re hauling, we are committed to keeping you on the road safely, quickly, and affordably.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Truck Repair

There are a few things you may notice if your radiator is going bad. If your vehicle seems to be overheating for no apparent reason, that could be a sign. Additionally, if you see coolant leaking from your vehicle or you see it pooled up on the ground underneath, that could be another sign that something is wrong with your radiator.

Some of the more obvious signs includes an excessive amount of noise coming from your exhaust pipes. You may also notice that your truck is not accelerating as fast and your gas-mileage seems to be decreasing. Of course if it smells like something is burning or there are strong smells of gases coming from the rear of the vehicle, that would be another sign.

For semi-trucks, you want to change your brake pads every 30,000 miles. People can get confused since for regular vehicles the number is more like every 50,000 miles. Since trucks carry heavier loads, the brakes have to do a lot more work causing them to break down a lot sooner. This can also vary based on the amount of stops you make since some rigs may travel longer distances without stopping much while others are stopping all the time. If you are doing regular maintenance you will be able to tell when it is about time to get new brake pads.

Semi-truck tires generally last between 3-6 years. Factors such as the type of weather, terrain, and how heavy of a load you are carrying will determine the longevity of your tires. Be sure to choose the right tire for durability, fuel efficiency, and load capacity will vary based on your route and geographical location.

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